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About IGJ

Ina Gravem Johansen is an silver and goldsmith with additional competence in design, gemmology and stone setting.

skog 3The entire production process, from design to finished jewelery, takes place locally through environmentally friendly and ethically sound production. Some of the products sold in the webshop are designed by Dan Gschib.


IGJ Design is located in  Troms, Norway.

email: inagjdesign@gmail.com
mobile: (0047) 450 34 967

Film that presents the new jewelery collection Forest:

Film/photo: Aliona Pazdniakova.

Ina Gravem Johansen

Ina Gravem Johansen

Holder, designer and gold/ silversmith at IGJ Design.


  •  1st place in the NAJD Design Competition 2018
  • Gullsmedforbundet’s  exhibition in 2018
  • Exhibits the Norwegian parlament Storting 2017, Director NAJD (Norwegian Assosiation of Jewelery Designers)
  • 2nd place in the NAJD Design Competition 2017
  •  3rd place in the NAJD Design Competition 2016
  • 1st place in the NAJD Design Competition 2015
  • Gullsmedforbundet’s  exhibition in 2014


  • Goldsmithing at Kristallen AB, Sweden 2009
  • Practical stone setting and theoretical gemmology  at Luleå Technical University (LTU), Sweden 2009
  • Gemology-Diamonds, Kristallen AB, 2010
  • Gemology- Pearls, Kristallen AB, 2010