Your unique jewelery

IGJ Design is happy to make unique jewelry based on your thoughts and ideas. Unique jewelry / special designs are handmade jewelry made for a special occasion or where the customer participates in the design process to make the very personal adornment for themself or an important person.

ocean 16
Wave: silver, topazes, peridots. Award-winning design.

Curious about whether to order a specially designed jewelery?

Contact me, I ask some questions about the recipient and listen to your thoughts and input. I offer a non-binding price based on the type / amount of metal,  wether you would like to use precious stones and the difficulty of the work. If you wish to proceed with the order, I will send you different sketch suggestions. Your input is included in the next sketch proposal, until we agree on the final design and the jewelry can be made.

Examples of unique jewelry:


Smykker fra IGJ, vår ørepynt
Smykker fra IGJ, vår smykke
Smykker fra IGJ, vår ring
Smykker fra IGJ, vår smykkesett
Spring silver collection with amethysts and peridots.
Anheng vår, smykker fra IGJ Design
Smykker fra IGJ, ,tiara 2
Tiara of silver, topazes, peridots. Award winning design.
Smykker fra IGJ, tiara 1
Smykker fra IGJ Design dans 22
Smykker fra IGJ Design dans 22
Dance silver jewelry, moonstone, topaz, karnit.
Wolf silver jewelry, opals, peridots. Award winning design.
Smykker fra IGJ Design ulv 33
Smykker fra IGJ Design ulv 33
Men's ring, made for customer.
Engagement rings, wedding rings, morning gifts ...
Smykker fra IGJ, forlovelsesringer sølv
... unique design for special people.
diamant ring
Silver with diamond and white gold with runes. Made for customer.
Smykker fra IGJ, ring med runer hvitt gull
Architectural ring:
Smykker fra IGJ, Gullring sitrin 3
Gold and citrine.
Personal jewelry communicates.