News: unique opal jewelry

The new Opal collection is now being launched, a dynamic jewelery series of only unique jewelry.

Opals: The incredible color treasure from earth

It is easy to be fascinated by this amazing stone, as the Earth’s crust itself forms through very special pressures and temperature conditions, over a long, long time.

A dynamic opal collection means that all jewelry are handmade, just one unique  of each. Sterling silver and gold.

This means that the products on the website will vary at any time, some are sold, new jewelry is added continuously. The customer can make contact and request a special piece of opal jewelry.


The distinctive color spectrum of the opal that glitters differently from the angle of the light comes from the fact that the opal consists of several mineral layers, small spheres of silicon and water in thin membranes between. This particular structure makes the opal slightly fragile.

In jewelry the opal is often reinforced with a protective plate underneath, and a transparent quartz plate at the top. This is called opal triplette, and it is only such IGJ Design uses in the jewelry. Robust, exclusive and beautiful.


Opals are available in various shades, – milk white, gray, brown and black. The opals shine in the color spectrum green / blue, or yellow / red.
Sometimes you see both color scales.

Opals are priced in  terms for color quality and robustness. Due to a supplier with their own opal mine in Australia, the opal are sent directly.  IGJ Design can offer fantastic opal quality at a very good price!

At the same time, I can get new opals in the quality, shape and size the customer may wish to make the special jewelry.
The Opal collection is therefore dynamic – it is constantly evolving.

You can  create your design!

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Opalmining in Australia.