New: Water-H2o unisex jewelry collection

The water-H2o jewelery is made of water molecules in silver. The jewels are for everyone, so water is for everyon


Photo: Aliona Pazdniakova

What does water mean to us humans? For life in the sea, plants and animals on earth?

We need all water. We are most of all  made up of water. The small drop may seem insignificant, invisible when water is found in abundant and pure amounts. But when water is missing or contaminated, it becomes obvious that water is our most exclusive resource.

” The drop” jewelry has been picked out for the Goldsmiths exhibition “Smykk meg 2018”. For a whole year, it will together with 11 other contributions, host all parts of Norway at selected goldsmith shops / galleries.

Water – H2o jewelleries are for everyone.





The value of the water is mirrored through jewelry, – a symbol of exclusivity and high value.

Water- h2o earrings.
Water- H2o jewelleries
Water – h2o bracelet.

The jewelery is made of water molecules in silver. These are designed according to the laws of science:
Two smaller hydrogen atoms stand in a 104.4 ° position against a larger oxygen atom. Hydrogen atoms are positively charged, oxygen is negatively charged. When H2o molecules are assembled, they are always positioned to attract positive and negative charges.

These natural science facts have been followed in the construction of the Water H2o jewels. In one way, one can call this chemistry- jewellery, where the laws of natural science contribute as a designer.



The collection consists of bracelet, earring, and 4 different necklaces.

The largest jewelery, “The Drop”, is a multipurpose jewel consisting of almost 100 H2o molecules.




The “drop” has a floating character. It can be used in different ways. As a necklace, bracelet, belt,


or a jewelry for the hair.


The great flexibility found in the Water H20 jewelery is intended to reflect the character of the water.

It  is also an important statement that  water is for everyone.

The water should not become something people have the right to sell or pollute.


The water is for all. 70% of the earth is covered with water. Most species live in water.

Most of all, we are all water.


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